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The Benefits Of Prenups

If you are considering getting married, you know that there are endless legal ramifications. Taxes, insurance, name changes — there are so many steps to take to ensure that your marriage is legal and sound. You may not think of a prenuptial agreement as a necessary step, as few people go into marriage planning for a divorce.

Yet, as the saying goes, fail to plan and you plan to fail. By arranging a prenuptial agreement with the help of a lawyer, you are protecting both yourself and your future spouse from the difficulty of dividing assets and property in the event of a divorce.

Protect Your Marriage With One Document

At Northern Valley Law, we have been practicing family law for years, and our team is known throughout the Shenandoah Valley for their skill and tenacity. Having seen countless divorces, we know that the process can be among the most stressful you may face. We also know that arranging a prenuptial agreement is the easiest way to reduce stress in the event of a divorce. For this reason, even if you are certain that you and your partner will not divorce, it is crucial to outline a process, just in case.

A prenuptial agreement can be helpful beyond the possibility of a divorce, as well. For instance, a prenuptial agreement can outline processes throughout the marriage. Most property and assets that you acquire prior to marriage are automatically protected in the event of a divorce, but what about the implications of those properties? For instance, who shoulders costs related to the properties throughout the marriage? An agreement can say that only the spouse who originally purchased will pay for their upkeep.

Another benefit of a prenuptial agreement is that it can support your estate plan. This can be especially helpful if your marriage is not your first, and if you had children prior to the marriage that you want to ensure receive certain property after your death. You can outline this in a prenuptial agreement.

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