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Filing For Adoption

Cases involving adoption are some of the most rewarding we handle. With founding partner Nancie S. Williams going through the foster care system, our firm is particularly mindful of the importance and difficulty in undertaking this life-changing process. From filling out paperwork to court hearings and home visits, we can go through this process with you.

At the law firm of Northern Valley Law, located in Front Royal, our attorneys provide guidance in a variety of family law issues. This includes the process of formalizing the parent-child bond regardless of whether you are the stepparent and grandparent, or if the adoption is domestic or international. The process will be dependent on the circumstances, but we believe that the positive outcome is always worth the challenges.

Types Of Adoption Available

Virginia allows for agency and non-agency adoption placement.

  • Agency placement: This is defined by prospective parents working with a local department of social services or a licensed child-placing agency. In this case, all biological parents’ rights are terminated and granted to the agency, that then consents to the adoption.
  • Non-agency placement: This involves children not placed in an adoption agency. Generally speaking, the child is often a relative or the biological child of a spouse who had the child from a previous relationship. It can also include adult adoption, which is applicable to those over 18. In placing the child with a new parent, the biological parents’ must give consent to have their rights terminated.

What If The Biological Parent Does Not Consent To Adoption?

A parent’s rights are aggressively protected under the law, so the biological parent in Virginia must agree to relinquish that right before the adoption is complete. However, involuntary termination is possible if there is proof that dissenting parent is guilty of abuse/child endangerment, or it is unlikely that this issue can be resolved in any other way.

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