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Protecting Against Charges Involving White Collar Crimes

The field of “white collar crimes” is comprised of offenses motivated by financial gain. Because it intersects often with business law, tax law and other complex areas, it can be confusing and overwhelming. It is important to have a lawyer you trust on your side, advocating for you and your rights.

A Wide Variety Of Offenses, With Serious Consequences

Northern Valley Law, is a firm with long experience in defending clients accused of white collar crimes. Our attorneys help clients with issues, including:

  • Theft. Most white collar crimes involve theft of some sort.
  • Fraud. This includes prescription fraud. Though some consider this a type of drug offense, it is actually a white collar crime as it often involves participation by a medical professional.
  • Embezzlement. No matter the organization embezzled from, this can be a serious offense.
  • Money laundering. This involves the transfer of funds obtained illegally through a business to make it appear legitimate.
  • Tax evasion. This can be either a state or federal crime, depending on which taxes were evaded.

These offenses often hold serious penalty, including restitution, stiff fines and even prison time. Additionally, a conviction for a financial crime will likely limit your employment opportunities for the rest of your life.

Our firm is well-known in the Shenandoah Valley, and will be tenacious in your defense. Our reputation and skill give us the ability to negotiate on your behalf, working to get charges reduced or even dismissed if possible.

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