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5 myths about prenuptial agreements

Whether they hear cautionary anecdotes from friends and family or they see their treatment in movies, many couples are exposed to myths about prenuptial agreements in the time leading up to their wedding. It is important, however, to understand the myths and find the...

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Watch out for these divorce myths

Divorce can get confusing enough on its own. The last thing you need is a myth getting in the way and skewing your perception of the process. Unfortunately, people do buy into these myths all the time, and they can lead to some serious mistakes. Here are a few myths...

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Who keeps the house in a Virginia divorce?

If you are getting divorced in Virginia, you may have heard that property gets divided fairly, by what’s known legally as “equitable division.” “Wonderful,” you say, “It is only fair that I get the house.” Sadly, it’s not you that get to decide what is and is not...

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