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When long-term marriages end

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2020 | Divorce |

Married couples in Virginia who have decided to end their marriage after a long time will need to prepare for a process that might become more complex depending on the property shared by the couple and if they also share minor children.

Divorce after long-term marriage often involves negotiations for division of property that can include the family home, savings and investment accounts and business interests. If the couple also has minor children, they will have to figure out custody and support agreements.

This is the case for actor David Koechner and his wife of 22 years. The couple, who married in 1998, has five children. Mr. Koechner is asking for a dissolution of marriage with minor children in the state of California. While the petition for divorce did not state the reasons why the couple is seeking to end their marriage, there are many factors that might be involved when couples choose to divorce.

Because the divorce process can be complicated and take a long time, it can also become very expensive. An amicable divorce where both ex-spouses are willing to speak, listen and negotiate in good faith, keeping the best interest of their children as a focus, is recommended. However, that is not always possible, particularly if there is resentment and blame due to past actions by either party.

Whether the breakup is amicable or not, people who are considering going through the divorce process might find it helpful to consult with a lawyer with family law experience. A lawyer may provide advice about the options their client has for the process and provide legal guidance during the process. A lawyer might also attend negotiations with their client’s ex-spouse and lawyer as well as court appearances in representation of their client.