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Drive with confidence in efforts to avoid traffic tickets

You, like most other Virginia drivers, do not ever want to see flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror. Of course, even as a conscientious driver, mistakes on the road or issues with your vehicle could lead to an officer looking at you a bit more closely. In some cases, that may mean that the officer conducts a traffic stop and possibly gives you a traffic ticket.

While you may not think too much about the consequences of a traffic ticket, one can have greater impacts than just adding an inconvenience to your day. As a result, it is smart to think of ways to avoid traffic tickets if possible.

Roll with confidence

When it comes to safe and purposeful driving, you need to remain aware of your actions and the details of your vehicle. Some ways that you can help lessen the chances of a police officer stopping your vehicle and potentially giving you a ticket include the following:

  • Wear your seat belt: Too many people forget or forgo putting on a seat belt. In addition to providing you with less protection while on the road, not buckling up could give an officer a reason to stop your vehicle.
  • Perform vehicle maintenance: You may think it unfair if an officer stops your vehicle because it is older and has a few problems. However, if you do not fix issues like broken turn signals, a cracked windshield, an excessively loud muffler or other similar problems, you may violate the law and end up with a ticket.
  • Stay focused ahead: Looking far ahead when driving can give you time to notice any potential hazards in the road and can help you drive in a straight line. If you look too closely in front of your vehicle, you may inadvertently start veering in the traffic lane.
  • Check your lights: Headlights, taillights, brake lights, license plate lights and more lights on your vehicle could easily go out without you noticing. After all, you do not see your brake lights, so you may not know when one goes out, which could lead to a ticket.

By handling these and other related vehicle and driving matters, you may give yourself a better chance of avoiding traffic tickets. In the event that you do see an officer trying to pull you over, remember to remain calm. Though it can be stressful to talk to a police officer, you have legal rights. If a traffic stop does result in a ticket, you also have legal options for fighting against it.

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