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Why divorce filings increase during January

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Divorce |

Some Virginia residents may be surprised to learn that there is usually an increase in divorce filings in the month of January. Even searches on online platforms for things related to divorce, like “divorce party,” increase during the month of January, especially the first half of the month.

Some common stressors that are experienced during the holiday season put so much strain on a marriage that some feel that a divorce is their best option. Things like spending time with in-laws, travel and increased spending during the holiday season can cause some individuals to feel like they never want to experience another holiday season with their spouse again. However, instead of breaking the news, especially to children, during the holidays, they choose to wait until the holidays are over.

A lot of people start to think about positive changes that they would like to make at the start of the year. Some feel that the best way for them to move forward in their life is to file for divorce.

There are benefits that come from keeping a divorce as peaceful as possible. While the process may not be easy to go through, it doesn’t have to be contentious. Being as kind as possible means that everyone’s psychological well-being will be left as intact as possible after the divorce process is finalized. Additionally, a peaceful divorce is usually less expensive than one that goes through a lengthy court process.

The more a person learns about the divorce process, the better. This will help them to understand how it will impact various aspects of their life, including their finances. An attorney could provide information about asset division and property division. An attorney could help a person who is interested in divorce to file the correct paperwork and even represent them before a judge if the divorce goes to court.