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Social media in divorce cases

Most Virginia residents are active on at least one social media platform, and the messages and photographs they share with their friends and followers are often quite candid. This kind of sharing has become so common that it is now considered a normal part of daily life, and it is also a source of evidence in about two-thirds of divorce cases. Scouring the social media accounts of divorcing spouses leads to the discovery of evidence worth presenting in court 81% of the time, and about a third of all divorces are initiated by spouses who discovered evidence of infidelity online.

House buyout process during divorce when refinancing mortgage

Divorces in Virginia do not always involve selling the marital home. Sometimes, the splitting spouses agree that one should buy out the other's half of the house. The desire to keep children in a familiar environment often motivates this decision. For a home that has a mortgage, the person retaining sole ownership of the house needs to obtain a new mortgage without the ex-spouse's name on it. The newly single person will need to have sufficient income and credit history to gain approval of new financing.

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