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The main reasons couples get divorced

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Divorce |

Divorce is often looked at in a very negative light, but there is nothing shameful about a couple going their separate ways if their relationship isn’t working. According to a recent survey, the top reason why spouses in Virginia and throughout the U.S. decide to divorce is a lack of love and intimacy. Some partners said that they no longer had any feelings for their spouse while others reported that they felt no intimacy from the other party.

The second most cited cause of divorce was a lack of communication. This can involve everything from the inability to resolve emotional disputes to not talking about ongoing financial issues. By not communicating, issues could fester until they can no longer be tolerated. When partners are unable to resolve problems, they often believe that there is no other course of action other than divorce.

Lack of trust, respect and sympathy was another frequent cause of divorce. When one spouse violates trust by cheating, lying or other doing other deceitful things, regaining that trust can be extraordinarily difficult. Spouses can also lose respect for one another when they don’t believe that they are meeting their expectations.

No matter what reasons a couple has for getting a divorce, each party can protect their rights and interests with legal representation. A lawyer can also help a client keep their emotions in check so that they have a better chance of accomplishing their objectives. Even in cases where trust and respect were lost in a marriage, maintaining respect in divorce proceedings can be beneficial for all parties involved.