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Getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2019 | Divorce |

Married couples in Virginia who want to get a divorce should understand that it can be an emotionally trying process for all the people involved, and the two divorcing parties may feel as if they are at war with one another. However, getting a divorce through a collaborative process can help the two parties work together to obtain a solution and may mitigate some of the emotional damage that can occur with ending a marriage.

Divorcing couples should take some time to examine the history of their marriage to learn how to prevent their divorce from becoming a battlefield. They should recall how decision-making and the handling of conflicts were handled. Issues such as arguments becoming combative and demeaning fights or certain topics that caused disagreements can be the same issues that may cause complications during divorce negotiations.

Examining the history of their marriage can help divorcing couples anticipate the obstacles to achieving a mutually agreed upon settlement. Discovering new ways to communicate, compromise, negotiate and solve problems can have a positive impact on their finances, time and cooperative relationship. It is also particularly important if there are children involved.

Individuals getting a divorce should also take heed of the signs that the collaborative process may not be going as well as it should. This entails paying close attention to the tone of voice and body language of their soon-to-be ex-spouse and actually listening to what they are saying. It may also be necessary to care of one’s own body language and tone.

A family law attorney may consider the circumstances of a client’s divorce case and may suggest the most appropriate legal strategy for obtaining the desired divorce settlement terms regarding asset division and other issues. The attorney might be able to provide advice about the suitability of collaborative divorce to a client and his or her situation.