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February 2019 Archives

Divorce can have long-term financial impacts

When Virginia couples gets divorced, they may need to consider how it will impact their retirement. There are many different types of retirement accounts that may have to be split even if they are in one spouse's name only. For example, an IRA can be considered marital property, and the same can be true for a pension or other retirement plan such as a 401(k).

How to handle a DUI stop

Let’s face it: No one has much sympathy for a driver caught behind the wheel while drunk. But just because you’ve been pulled over doesn’t mean you have to immediately plead guilty to DUI. There are steps you can take.

Getting a divorce

Married couples in Virginia who want to get a divorce should understand that it can be an emotionally trying process for all the people involved, and the two divorcing parties may feel as if they are at war with one another. However, getting a divorce through a collaborative process can help the two parties work together to obtain a solution and may mitigate some of the emotional damage that can occur with ending a marriage.

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