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January 2019 Archives

What parents should keep in mind when making a parenting schedule

When parents in Virginia get a divorce, they may also need to create a parenting schedule. This is the plan for when the child will be with each parent. Parents can negotiate a schedule, or they can go to court where a judge will create the schedule. The disadvantage of this approach is that parents have less control over the outcome; a parent could end up with even less time than was proposed in the negotiations.

Property division options for a high-asset divorce

High-asset couples in Virginia often face certain unique challenges when they divorce. If the spouses are unable to come to their own agreements, state laws govern how they will proceed with their settlement negotiations. While this is also true for lower-income partners, wealthier spouses might have more complicated assets.

Understanding how different crimes are classified

Virginia residents may be interested in learning what distinguishes a misdemeanor from a felony. Across the United States, most crimes are divided into different categories based on how serious they are. This category then determines the way that the court will treat the particular case. In most cases, individuals will serve a different amount of time in jail or prison if they commit a felony as opposed to committing a misdemeanor.

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