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About Our Firm

Here at Northern Valley Law, we enjoy a reputation in the Shenandoah Valley for our aggressive yet compassionate approach to serving the legal needs of our community. Clients appreciate our hands-on approach that enables us to tailor our approach to their needs and goals. This works regardless of whether it is a complex family law matter, a business law issue, or a difficult criminal defense issue. We are well-known in the local court system as attorneys who possess an intelligence and understanding of the legal system. Also known for our willingness to take the tough cases, we come prepared for any eventuality while always working to achieve the desired results of our clients.

Learn more about our firm’s attorneys:

Nancie Williams is a sought-after practitioner for family law, criminal law and litigation skills and ability to “think outside the box.” Whereas some attorneys charge higher rates for cases that go to court, attorney Williams’ tenacity makes her a formidable legal opponent who will not back down. She spent years as a child in the foster care system and her successful adulthood and professional life are inspirations to clients and the community. It gives her a unique perspective, and she has spoken publicly about her formative experiences. Suffice to say, her unique first-hand perspective regarding the power of the legal system to help or hurt innocent people is something most other lawyers can only read about in law books.

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